Clients with any cold/flu symptoms such as a runny nose, persistent cough, fever etc. have the option of attending sessions VIRTUALLY. Since you/we can't distinguish between what is an allergy vs a virus, your understanding of why this policy matters is important - thank you!

*If you have been in contact with anyone suspected to have a COVID exposure, you may only join sessions virtually until appropriately cleared to return by a licensed healthcare provider, even if you have no symptoms. Please notify us immediately if you have been to the studio after an exposure.



For safety & hygienic reasons, clients must wear exercise-footwear such as "toe socks" or other options that provide traction and the foot does not slide around inside.

Re: clothing, comfort always - and please avoid hoodies so your instructor can better observe your alignment. Thin layers help clients adjust to room temperature or body temperature fluctuations. A clip/band to pull-up longer hair off face and neck. If shorts are worn, the leg openings should fit close to the leg so as not to gap when lying down.

Note: the Studio is a glitter/rhinestone-free zone. Those lovely little bits of sparkle are impossible to get out of equipment pads/mats. If glitter is a part of your life (teachers etc...) please take extra care to de-bling before arriving. :-)


Lotions & Fragrance:

Please postpone using any creams or lotions on the legs hands and feet prior to Pilates, because it can make for slippery connections to mats and/or equipment, and difficult to clean off.

In addition to my clients who are cancer patients w/fragrance sensitivities, in general many people are sensitive to scents; kindly refrain from using ANY fragranced products which carry the scent beyond very close contact) before coming to the studio. 


Third-hand smoke: 

Defined by the Mayo Clinic and others as the odorous residue of toxic chemicals remaining on hair, skin, clothing, etc. after exposure to smoking tobacco or other substances. Though the lingering residue may not be apparent to those regularly exposed, to others (in part, including clients with asthma, young children, those undergoing chemotherapy, pregnant, etc.) such exposure raises genuine concern. Please refrain from bringing third-hand smoke to the studio.


Electronic devices:

During Pilates, phones and other devices should be on silent. Pilates sessions are a time for you to focus, breathe, and be in the moment. By all means, if you have the infrequent and urgent need to take an important call you are anticipating, it's great to keep your phone right by you during your session. Note with a smile:

Students have been known to experience temporary disorientation due to this completely unfamiliar, relaxing experience :-)