Purchased Sessions/Classes Expirations:

All expiration dates for sessions/classes are fixed. Various sizes of packages are helpful in working with your calendar for vacations and other life events. 


With the RARE exception of an unavoidable emergency, a minimal 24-hour advance notice is required to change or cancel an appointment without being charged the full fee for that session. In general, please expect that any missed sessions without a minimum of 24-hour notice will be charged the full session fee.


All appointments may be cancelled by leaving a phone or email message or logging into the online MINDBODY scheduling program;
the time of your message will be noted as within the 24-hr minimum.


Duets - Special note: Both parties in a scheduled duet semi-private session are responsible for canceling their appointment within 24 hours, or it is assumed the individual who has not cancelled is indeed planning to attend as a private session. Under such circumstances of a rare, infrequent short notice, a conversion to a private session will be offered the discounted rate of “converted to private” at $21 for that session. (Frequently changing duet sessions to discounted private sessions may suggest the need to choose a different scheduled time to allow for more consistent duet attendance. The Instructor reserves the right to redirect scheduling if, in their sole judgment, the previously schedule time slots have not proved to be consistently attended.) Duet partners are responsible for directly contacting one another to inform one partner of the other's scheduling conflict.


All pre-paid sessions are fully transferable, with 24-hour notice, but are not refundable. You may apply the price of any pre-paid session towards another class or session. You may also decide to allow a friend or family member to use your pre-paid session(s), based upon the instructor’s approval for which type of session is appropriate for the substitute client. If your substitute client is new to the Studio, the first session must be a New Client Assessment, and will be billed against any balance.

(Duet Sessions have special considerations - see above.)


STUDIO ORIGIN reserves the right to cancel any class due to an unavoidable emergency or challenging weather conditions. In such an unavoidable event your instructor will make every attempt to cancel with at least 24-hour notice.