Yes, exercise can be smarter.

This  is mentally engaging, because your brain needs exercise too.

Here, we build a smarter kind of strength, because power is best when it's adaptive, flexible, and efficient. Getting to the WOW which Pilates is famous for, is first, a process of reconnecting with the ORIGIN of your very core.

I promise you, it isn't what you think. It is more. So much more.


Photo showing the doors to STUDIO ORIGIN Intimate Garden Pilates Studio located in Newberg Oregon, in a chilly beautiful snow flurry. Black double doors, one slightly open to with a warm inviting soft lit glow inside.

In a garden setting, located in Wine Country's Newberg Oregon, The Studio is filled with the highest quality of Pilates apparatus and other essentials, featuring: STOTT PILATES® Professional Reformers, Stability Chair, HALO trainers, rotation disks, Balanced Body® Ladder Barrel, Ellie Herman Spring Boards with push-thru-bar, Bodhi Suspension System, Precor Commercial Adaptive Motion Trainer, Fully adjustable Pro inversion table, and  Joan Briebart's TYE4, and Parasetter®. Additionally, many small tools and props  allow each class or session to be highly personalized. 


HEPA filtration provides for continuously refreshed air, the high ceiling boasts a silent but efficient ceiling fan - the space is calming and feels open. Parking is available on the street or within the driveway, where the visitor's garden is full of English roses, herbs, and espalier fruit trees. On warmer days, the back french doors open to a view of the Private Garden's Studio Path and the sound of happy tree frogs and bubbling water features.

Gray text with STUDIO ORIGIN circular mindful movement logo representing the ‘O’ to read “CORE VALUES”.

Begin by listening.


Every move, every bit of instruction is centered in each client's uniqueness.


Provide services where training & experience can truly make a significant contribution toward other's wellbeing. 


Offer the discipline/hard work it takes to get results for which Pilates is famous.


Foster mindfulness. 


The Science of this: Studio Origin is Pro-Science. 

Training here is grounded in science and responsively updated.

Policies re: minimizing the spread of viruses are important & these decisions are made to the best of our abilities, based upon science as it ever evolves.


There is Art in this, ever as much as science...

Guided by the creative origins of Pilates, never stop questioning, exploring, and evolving movement which is the fluid & aspirational beauty of movement.


The Studio welcomes all who can offer respect and kindness to others.


Thru effort there is grace.

In movement there is joy. 

Laughter is healing.

Renata Marsal

Comprehensive Rehabilitative Pilates Certification

STOTT PILATES®, Total Barre®

STUDIO ORIGIN’s owner, Renata, defying age and health stereotypes performing the advanced Pilates Arabesque with ease.

For over 20 years, Renata has had the pleasure of working with clients, as well as in close collaboration with healthcare providers to address unique client/patient needs, earning  a reputation for creative teaching styles, and uniquely solid results.


Renata first came to Pilates at the age of 19, when a dancer's knee injury was unresponsive to the typical rehab of the time, and a choreographer insisted she "get Pilates immediately." It was love at first core exercise. Many years later, Pilates was essential when she was facing a debilitating battle with stage-4 endometriosis. Discovering a science-based approach to Pilates, STOTT Pilates, she has not looked back! Even after years of multiple abdominal surgeries and chronic pain, she recovered far quicker and stronger than any of her medical team expected, and she was motivated to share with others the restorative value of Contemporary Pilates.


Renata is fortunate to have trained over the years with many of the field's groundbreaking leaders. Additionally, anatomy professors, researchers, and medical professionals have all contributed to the knowledge she brings to her studio. 


Ultimately Renata earned the prestigious STOTT PILATES® Comprehensive Rehabilitative Certification thru Pacific Northwest Pilates, where she studied extensively with pioneering Master Instructor Trainer Melanie Byford-Young, and International Instructor Trainer/mentor, Jean Leavenworth, MS Kinesiology, MS Dance. Renata continues her training in special populations and advances in exercise science for Pilates and other forms of mindful movement. 


"Downtime? Well, mindfulness meditation, organic gardening, cooking with friends, and of course, time to just relax together fuel our wellness lifestyle, but then in contrast, there's the work of old-house restoration, which of course, requires walking the talk of mindful movement exercise just to keep up, and so it goes... full circle!"



Business card information footer that reads: Renata Marsal, Comprehensive Rehabilitative Pilates Certification. Bespoke Pilates, by appointment. Located in Newberg, Oregon. 503-550-0804