PREPARE for your VIRTUAL PILATES sessions:

Device: think thru what device you will use to connect - mobility is essential. Those with laptops or tablets on tilting stands will have an easy time adjusting the camera angle between sitting, standing, lying down. Also, can you easily reach to adjust as needed? You need your camera to be level with the majority of your body - so if you are sitting, position that camera up to look straight at you. Same for lying down or standing. 

Location Position your mat sideways for most types of classes. w/the ability to move as appropriate for your session AND a location that allows good camera positioning.

Lighting! You need to create enough light in front that you are not in shadow to the instructor. Try lighting at varied heights - grab a table lamp and put it safely at floor height; another near you up higher above/in front of you; turn on overheads. 

Flooring: this depends entirely on what you are doing: Pilates needs a comfortably padded mat, while Barre - the kind I teach, needs to be on a hard/smooth floor if possible. If you don't have that available, it isn't the end of the world, but you might try putting down a relatively smooth mat on top of your carpet perhaps so your foot can glide. You have to experiment a bit...

ABOVE ALL: Do a trial run w/a friend to see how your set up choices look on receiving end! Now you can get so much more from your new Virtual Sessions. It takes getting used to, but beyond helping your instructor see you for a better workout, a key side benefit is feeding a human need for connecting w/others - in safe ways...  just plain good for the soul.



Welcome to Your Personal V-Studio!

Open to all Established Clients, please join me remotely...


Tuesday March 31st at 5:30pm

Live Q&A on how this will work, plus a 30min. workout that should leave you feeling energized and refreshed. Instructions for how to prepare for this will be available tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 1st: 

9am V-Mat class

4:30 V-Barre Happy Hour class (as long as you are an established Pilates client, no prior barre experience needed)

Virtual sessions begin, with new programming and options. Let's all hope the date is not any indication of the class content. :-)


Thursday, April 2nd:

8am V-Mat Class

9am - 3pm  I will be available to Private and Duet clients throughout the late morning/early afternoon for complimentary 50minute virtual sessions.


The entire week is free of charge for existing clients. 

Regretfully, at this time I am unable to take new clients, with hopes this will be possible again ASAP.

IF you have had your private assessment with me but no additional sessions, please feel free to grab an online spot for a complimentary private this Thursday. 


Special note to Chair and Circuit class students:

I've not forgotten about you, and beginning the following week, if enough interest for a class, we will be using small props to adapt the Chair and Reformer moves you need/love. If you don't already own a Theraband in a light and medium strength, please order now.

Also, please have a large exercise ball you can sit on, and a foam roller.


Thank you all for your patience with this virtual launch. As I'm sure you can relate, it's been a long, long couple of weeks, especially as our household is also dealing with the challenges of healthcare providers without enough masks and other protective equipment needed!


It will be absolutely wonderful to have the pleasure of working with each of you again!

I hope you will be free this week to join in the fun!