Forget the infomercials, prepackaged online videos, & big-gym classes.

Here, Pilates is a personal experience, an art form, ever as much as a science.

Blending the smartest in exercise science with the beauty of graceful movement, it is transformative.


Choosing the Method Pilates is, indeed, a commitment. Not only financially, but also in the willingness to practice with consistency. If you are ready, then it is my pleasure to work just as hard right beside you... so let's get started!



READY to BEGIN? See options below, and contact Renata directly to schedule:    503-550-0804   


Option I:

Private Assessment: $60

This private session includes:

  • Postural Assessment
  • Discussion of any relevant health history
  • Client learns what proper Core engagement feels like
  • First homework

New clients begin by contacting Renata.

Once the best time-slot is chosen together, clients may purchase the Private Assessment online, and Renata will schedule you.    503-550-0804   


Option II:

Fresh Start Series

Introduction Workshop + 7 small group classes: $169

Offered twice a year, and appropriate ONLY for students without any healthcare contraindications or significant movement limitations. This is an excellent alternative to private instruction for beginners or those wanting a tune-up on their practice!


Contact Renata to discuss if this is a great option for you!    503-550-0804   

Continuing clients become no-obligation members, choosing between various classes,duets, or private lessons as appropriate.


The Method Pilates is legendary for transforming posture and developing long lean muscles, enhanced balance, strength, and grace. Appropriate for any age/fitness level and body size, it achieves unique results through commitment and consistent practice. 
Results optimized by setting aside 3-4 times per week for Pilates, achieved thru a combination of: 1) home exercises as designed for you and
2) regular classes and/or sessions participation
2018 Pricing:
Please note, all purchases are transferable, but not refundable. For details, please see Policies. 

NOW that you've become an established client, choose as appropriate from these options:

  • Private and/or Duet Sessions
  • Mat Classes
  • Stability Chair Classes
  • Circuit Classes
  • Combo: Mat classes + Chair and/or Circuit
details below as follows...
Small Group Mat Class 3/6 person minimum/max 
Purchased in discounted packages only: 
10 classes @ $145 (must be used within 3 months)
20 classes @ $245 (must be used within 6 months)
Small group classes require various levels of fitness/ability and experience to be appropriate - the instructor must approve participation.
Circuit or  Stability Chair Class
10 classes @ $185 (means $18.50 per class) to be used within 3 months
20 classes @ $340 (means $17 per class) to be used within 6 months
Single class: $22
Combo: Mat + Chair and/or Circuit Classes: a special package for clients taking both a mat class and a chair/circuit class each week. Note: space is limited, please confirm availability with the instructor PRIOR to purchase.
Purchasing combo 20 classes: 20 classes for $295
Use in whatever classes you wish!
(to be used within 4 months)
Private Lessons: Apparatus or Mat, based upon personal needs:
5 sessions @ $280 ($56 ea)
10 sessions @ $535 ($53.50 ea)
or, $65 for one session
Duet Lessons - 2 people, Apparatus or Mat, based upon personal needs:
purchased in advance:
5 sessions @ $180 ($36 ea)
10 sessions @ $320  ($32 ea)
1 single duet @  $40 
Convert to private add-on option @ $22

All sessions must be purchased in advance to reserve session.

All pre-paid sessions are fully transferable, with 24-hour notice, but are not refundable. 

Studio Policies...


Clients (new or continuing) with any health issues or concerns are solely responsible for consulting with their licensed health care provider prior to beginning any exercise program. Pilates is an exceptional form of exercise, but it is not a substitute for seeing a licensed healthcare provider. If you are actively in treatment/therapy for a medical condition, it is likely you will be asked to wait to begin Pilates training until released by your provider. Regardless, all clients assume sole responsibility for ONLY performing exercises that feel right to them. If something hurts, burns, causes nausea, vertigo, or dizzy spells, or tingling… anything that doesn’t seem right to you, stop immediately, inform your instructor, and consult your licensed healthcare provider. 


Participation in Pilates training is by the permission of the instructor. If at any time the instructor feels that continued training would not be appropriate, for whatever reason, the client will be refunded any unused fees.