Forget the infomercials, franchises, the pre-packaged online videos, & big-gym classes. 

Here, Pilates is a personal experience. An art form, ever as much as a science.

Blending the smartest in exercise science with the beauty of graceful movement, it is transformative.


At STUDIO ORIGIN, my intimate studio is where every move, every bit of instruction begins and ends with your unique needs and goals. This kind of experience means commitment. Not only financially, but especially in the willingness to practice with consistency.


If you are ready, then it is my pleasure to work just as hard right beside you, so let's get started!


Take the first step, and contact Renata directly to talk about your needs:     503-550-0804   


The Private Assessment: $70


This customized private session includes:


• Postural Assessment


• Review of any relevant health history


• Client's first lesson in what proper Core engagement is & feels like 


• First homework given - yes, there will be homework. :-)






At STUDIO ORIGIN, your own goals and needs drive every part of the training. To be sure this is a good fit for you, that first phone call, at no charge, will be very helpful. No pressure, no selling! Take advantage of a chance to see if what you have in mind for your needs is a good fit for our services. As the premier studio in Newberg Oregon, we continue to thrive on such personal care for each client's needs.


Call: 503-550-5158 




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