P I L A T E S,   Virtually Yours...

The doors to Studio Origin remain open ~ Virtually! 

During this deeply challenging time, all in-person sessions and classes will remain unavailable until the recognized medical experts deem physical gathering again to be safe. While we are all trying to adjust to this "new normal" world, we hope you'll find these newest offerings for truly client-centered virtual mind-body wellness to be a much-needed break from worry and fatigue. Also, stay tuned for free Pop-Up Virtual Gatherings with our SO Fab Pilates community! Join in the discussion, ask questions on Pilates homework, share core-living challenges and success updates, and connect with your community!


Virtual? Are you ready? How about a little "homework" before your Virtual sessions begin? As we say in Pilates, Inhale to... 



Device: Those with laptops or tablets on tilting stands will have an easy time adjusting the camera angle but stationary can work too! Can you reach to adjust as needed? You need your camera to be as level with the majority of your body as possible.

Location Position your mat sideways for most types of classes. w/the ability to move as appropriate for your session AND a location that allows good camera positioning.

Lighting! Create enough light in front so you're not in shadows to instructor. 

Flooring: Pilates needs a padded mat; Barre needs to be on a hard/smooth floor if possible, or you could put down a smooth mat on top, allowing your foot to glide. 




Fall 2o2o  Offerings:

Virtual Private & Duet Sessions: The Ultimate PIlates Training


All Pricing Options


STUDIO ORIGIN Pilates sessions: 

Bespoke ~ a unique way to work

Clients regularly attending duet or private training may expect:

• Emails after each session with follow-up notes for clients

• Occasional complementary homework reviews/updates

• Completely customized sessions 

• Priority scheduling with assistance as needed

• Early access to special workshops

*Recommendations for providers, at-home props and equipment, as well as collaboration with licensed healthcare providers if requested/needed.


*Each month healthcare providers and Renata collaborate with one goal in mind: the BEST results for their clients/patients.

The STUDIO ORIGIN philosophy is simple:

Everyone working with you needs should be mindful we are all on the same team: TEAM YOU! Therefore, Renata works exclusively with providers

who all work within their scope of practice. The results show when everyone on your wellness team works in collaboration. 





  • V-Mat options:  Essentials, V-Mat Progressions, V-Mat with Props, V-S.P.A.  
  • Standing work: V-Up!, V-Barre Fusion
  • V-Duets & Private training: the Ultimate in Bespoke training

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