Don't Miss Out!

Not vaccinated? Your perfect childcare plans evaporated?

On vacation but still want to start the day strong?

We've got you covered!


Studio Origin will continue to offer Virtual classes, where students can participate along with a very few in-studio clients! Don't worry, Renata will continue to watch you move just as she has done for the past year virtually.  Purchase ONE class package of your choice, and you can even apply to either in-person (assuming you are fully vaccinated) or virtual classes, as you wish. 





BEFORE Returning to the Studio In-Person:

  • NOTE: Only fully vaccinated clients may attend in-person sessions
  • Please contact Renata directly via email or phone call to arrange a quick and easy way to show your vaccination record card prior to the day-of coming to the studio in person. If you are new to me, any government form of photo ID will verify your card.(zoom, FaceTime, and the like can quickly be arranged. For your own security, please do not POST your card image on our business FaceBook page. If you choose to email me a scan of your card, it will be noted as received and then deleted. If you are new to me, any government form of photo ID will verify your card.
  • Due to health guidelines, at this time certain items must come with clients, please be sure to pack:
  1. your mask, fitting over mouth and nose (without a vent or other opening such as a gaiter or plastic shield, which do not protect against viruses)

  2. your clean athletic non-slip socks (toesocks, tucketts, or other socks that help you not slide)

  3. your personal Pilates/Yoga mat 

  4. if you are in a roller class, please bring your own roller


  • double check you have the items 1-4 above with you :-) as they are not optional, and I'm not able to provide for you.
  • make sure you are without a fever or any symptoms of respiratory illness, and that you have not been around anyone with these symptoms and/or suspected to have COVID (You may switch to virtual if needed)
  • please wait directly outside the studio doors if another student is about to leave. Renata will greet you to welcome you in.


What's new:


Independently top rated air filtration, tested to filter the studio air effectively via 3-part filtration to exchange the room air in less than every 12 minutes. 


Throughout the studio, find Unscented Hand Sanitizer which complies with FDA safety standards, Made in the USA from a long-established reputable company.


Difficult to clean small props have been replaced, and the studio surfaces are cleaned in compliance with State of Oregon's mandates and best practice standards.


Class sizes have been reduced, and only fully vaccinated individuals will be inside the studio, without exception - even including those doing cleaning, any maintenance or deliveries.


A Personal Note:

I greatly appreciate your understanding, your patience, and your kindness as we all learn to move forward from this challenging time. The precautions above, are to protect everyone. As this situation in Oregon (and the world) evolves, so will these policies and procedures.  I know it's been hard. Believe me, I do. 


Most of all, I want to convey my gratitude for all the support for STUDIO ORIGIN during this year. Stronger together, indeed!