You don't have to miss out!


Your perfect childcare plans evaporated?

Not fully vaccinated yet?

Perhaps you just enjoy the ease and time efficiency of virtual training...

On vacation but still want to start the day strong?

We've got you covered!


Virtual private and small group training has become extremely popular! Since Spring 2020, we've adapted to develop quality virtual instruction as well as hybrid participation allowing virtual and in-person students to adapt to their circumstantial needs, and still continue to feel that important vibe of communal encouragement and joy!  


Purchase any mat-based class package of your choice, & apply to either in-person (assuming you are fully vaccinated)

or virtual classes, as you choose on any given date, and attendance available slots allow. Note: apparatus classes/sessions by necessity are In-Studio.





With an emphasis on kindness and caring to minimize the risks to self & others, as of January 3, 2022:


*At this time, the Studio defines "fully vaccinated" to include a "booster" when eligible. 


Coming to Studio

For those wishing in-person training, the following essential steps now apply:

  • Providing official documentation of *full vaccination (see definition above) via email scan at least 1 day prior
  • Self-Check that you do not have (nor have had in the prior week)
    a fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste, or other symptoms of COVID-19
  • Wear an appropriate multi-layer mask, fitting well and over the nose and mouth at all times in the studio.
    Note: masks with exhaust vents, scarves, gaiters or bandanas, as well as plastic shields are not adequate. 

Reminder check-list for day-of attendance:

  1. your multi-layer mask, as defined above - please be sure to keep your mask dry from rain etc...

  2. your clean athletic non-slip socks (toesocks, tucketts, or other socks that help you not slide)

  3. your personal Pilates/Yoga mat for any on-the-floor work

  4. if you are in a roller class, please bring your own roller



A Personal Note:

I greatly appreciate your understanding and your kindness as we all take appropriate actions to best protect not only ourselves, but the most vulnerable in our community. As this situation in Oregon (and the world) evolves, so will these policies and procedures.