Do I pick one type or mix it up?


We believe all clients need/benefit from Pilates matwork. It is foundational. 

Clients are typically surprised to learn it can be more of a power challenge than apparatus.

After all, in mat, it's you doing all the work. No springs, no pedals/straps,
just you and the floor beneath you. 

Then, some days you might want something only apparatus can give you:

a powerful fluid feeling unique to Pilates equipment. Maybe you need the increased stability assistance? Let's face it, it's just plain fun to use!


If that speaks to you, then consider a combo package of both...

Both C.O.R.E. Apparatus class (Circuit class)  and the Glide Class give clients a high quality experience at an affordable price alternative to duet or private training. 


If you want to try both mat and apparatus, this is your ticket to a discounted price for those attending both types of classes w/one flexible package!

APPARATUS/MAT combo package:  8 classes (mix as you like) @ $148    16 classes @ $264





in-studio limit to 4 students per class 


  • Choose from any classes in this category & switch between attending in-person or virtual as you like

  • Stay socially connected: sign-in to the same live class, whether you pick in-person & virtual option

  • Each class is designed for all levels - you'll be challenged to the right level for you


            All Matwork Classes:

            8-pack@ $120  16-pack@ $208  single class: $20



Matwork Progressions

Take the class you know and love, but gain confidence in increasing the challenge or lightening up based on what your body gives you in that moment. This foundational course is challenging and engaging for all levels. 



Matwork with Roller


Up your stability... Increased body awareness... core-wowzers... yes you can!

So many new moves, new ways to feel great for all levels. For sanitary reasons, please bring your own full-size roller.


S3 (Strong, Supple Spine) Class

Feeling stiff? Posture not where you want it, or a history of back issues? Maybe you just want to optimize aging as your best self.

Using small props (in the studio or virtually at home) your brain will learn how to work smarter, not harder.


By the way, how's your balance? Well, are you trying new balance moves in different positions each day? Balance is about teaching the body to handle surprises.


You've heard: "Sitting is the New Smoking" so, how many hours a day do you sit? This class is intended to offset all the sitting in typical modern life, among other challenges adult bodies can face. Highly relevant for aging well via staying strong and supple, with tools and skills you'll apply to everyday life, all week long.

UP your game with S3 class... Challenging for all levels. Wednesday mornings 8am, in Newberg Oregon, or your living room virtually. :-)


M.M. Lab Class - exploring self-care techniques you can use all week long

Get in the Lab with Renata and learn/explore mindful movements to address myofascial discomfort and unlock more flexibility and energy...

This past year, V-S.P.A. (stretch, pivot, align) grew into a targeted focus on trigger-point self-care work. As clients kept improving with common remarks like this: "Amazing. This is what I've needed but never knew... it has made such an obviously positive change..." the work grew...

MM Lab is the evolution of the former class. Why call it a lab? Because this is exploratory. In each class, you will be given options and directed through moves and techniques to identify what most meets your body's unique needs - and you'll feel change from the start.  Inspired by a lifetime's personal experiences with dance, Pilates, various eastern bodyworks, physical therapy, osteopathic, and chiropractic care,  

and most of all, through working with incredible clients, who inspire me to keep questioning and reaching for More. Core? Absolutely. 

Try 8 sessions in a row to really see how this can benefit you. Taught once a week, students continue to practice what they learned between sessions, as they need.





Limit to 4 students per class 


C.O.R.E Apparatus  8 classes @ $176, 16 classes @320


Gain the skills and confidence to enjoy the incredible benefits from the legendary apparatus Pilates is famous for. Also, explore other equipment that assures you'll always find something new and effective in these circuit sessions. Two class types, essential and more advanced available. Confirm w/instructor which is right for you.



Coming Late Fall 2023 ~ Glide Class: 

Glide class is an experience unlike anything else, as you rotate, flex, and elongate gracefully - yes, I really said that! It feels solid and secure to use. It's seriously fun. Challenging AND Soothing? That's Glide. Exercises are performed lying down, kneeling, standing... and work through a slower pace that produces deep results. It's easy to fall in love with this new apparatus. 


(Yes, you could potentially join this class virtually, but would require purchasing your own Glide apparatus - for about $275  Contact Renata for details)







Clients regularly attending duet or private training may expect:

• Emails after each session with follow-up notes for clients

• Occasional complementary homework reviews/updates

• Completely customized sessions 

• Priority scheduling with assistance as needed

• Early access to special workshops

*Recommendations for providers, at-home props and equipment, as well as collaboration with licensed healthcare providers if requested/needed.

*Each month healthcare providers and Renata collaborate with one goal in mind: the BEST results for their clients/patients so we are all on the same team:



The STUDIO ORIGIN philosophy is simple:


At the heart of our bespoke business, our Origin is Client-Centric. You come thru the door as a whole person, mind - body- and spirit. You are more than the sum of your past/present limitations. All of you deserves a true mindful movement experience that comes from a partnership between student and teacher.