How We Work

Forget fitness franchises, cookie-cutter moves, & big-gym classes,

and certainly forget about pressure sales and long term contracts.


Here, Pilates is a personalized experience. Blending the smartest in exercise science

with the beauty of graceful movement, it is transformative, but it isn't for everyone. Wait, what?


Quality Pilates requires mindful participation - very different that just getting on an exercise machine while listening to a podcast.  Here, you'll learn how to power-up muscles you didn't even know you had - and finally free yourself from unhealthy postural patterns. Meeting the challenge, we need you to really focus - what we call mindfulness in movement.  This kind of high quality training needs commitment, not only financially, but especially in the willingness & focus to practice what you learn with consistency.


Still, we understand, modern life can get in the way...

Work & personal schedule obligations, budget considerations, health concerns... Please don't hesitate to discuss any of these topics. Let's find the best schedule that works for you, and do that within your budget to create a great personalized program.

If you are ready, then it will be my pleasure to work just as hard right beside you. 



Ready to begin? Call 503-550-0804

Free of charge, call Renata to discuss your needs and goals. No sales pitch, we're allergic. :-)

Bespoke services begin even before you become our client. 

As the premier studio in Newberg Oregon, we continue to thrive on such personal care. 

The Private Assessment: $70


This customized private session includes:


• Listening to your fitness and relevant health history and everything you want to tell me that feels important to you


• Discuss realistic and optimal goals that speak to your real life needs


• Detailed Postural Assessment, and specific cues for how to improve your posture immediately


• Your first lesson in what Proper Core engagement actually feels like


• First homework given - yes, there will be homework. :-)

At Studio Origin, your own goals and needs drive every part of the training. 


Contact Renata at (503) 550-0804