Choose Renewal

Aren't we all SO ready for it? Here's the thing about renewal:

Just saying you want it will get you Bupkis! Waiting for it to fall in your lap? Nope.

Moving past the inertia and fear we've all faced requires us to do something we hardly could imagine this past year+:

Create forward motion, with commitment and focus toward goals and dreams we didn't dare focus on because we were all just trying to survive. It's time...


After such a long period of holding still, it's natural to feel a little rusty, to doubt if you have the strength and energy to go big, and for sure, to feel out of balance in life. Flexibility, Strength, Balance: we can loose them all too easily in modern life. The good news is, we can also gain them back, or even find them for the first time. Pilates invites us to challenge old patterns (of moving and thinking) and to build strength, balance, and flexibility that is adaptive.


In this, the practice of Pilates is a great metaphor for life in general. I tell clients every week, we have to get out of our heads and feel our way. Yes, think things thru, but once you commit to move forward,

  • work with the reality of the moment (energy, power, stress, health conditions all can vary through the day)
  • get in touch with the Origin of your core
  • breathe deeply
  • and focus on the movement, being in the moment , your body and brain feel more alive

It takes a bit of courage, to learn to trust your innate ability for renewal. I've never seen this more clearly than in this past 1.5 years teaching exclusively virtual sessions and classes. A courageous client with an especially challenging knee surgery, who faced her pain with what it takes to get on the other side, another with chronic hip pain, still others facing boldly the emotional and physical rigidity that our COVID world fostered, and so many other examples... how grateful I am to have the privilege to be a small part of their renewals... and on a personal note, how grateful I am for so many who continued to support my studio thru this challenging time. 


STUDIO ORIGIN is in forward motion too, with new tools to uplift each of you with renewed strength, flexibility, and balance for a better now, and a better future.


There's still time to make 2021 amazing! Take a moment - how about right now?

You remember how... "Exhale to prepare your core... now Inhale to reach further..."



In movement there is joy 

Through effort there is grace

Laughter is healing

Return to Life  ~renew





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